GroupWise To Gmail

On Friday May 13, 2011 my sister, Rose M. Jenkins gave a presentation to an overflowing room of college media specialists entitled 5+ Reasons to use Google: Its More Than A Search Engine. The presentation was rich!  I was blown away.  Today I just want to share one of the tidbits I learned in that presentation.

Ms. Jenkins redirects her email from the college’s exchange server to her Gmail account.  The reason for doing this is as follows:

  1. All of her email is in one place both professional and personal.
  2. She has more storage available at Gmail then she does on the college’s exchange server.
  3.  Mail containing dates is very easily integrated into her Google calendar.

I thought this was grand and decided to see if I could accomplish “redirecting” mail from my district’s GroupWise server to my Gmail account. My reasoning?

  1. Basically to have a copy of my email that is not tied to my employer.
  2. Being able to check all of my mail in one place.
  3. I like the organizational features of Gmail.
  4. Next year, we will migrate GroupWise to Exchange.

I’ll try to keep this short.  Basically, I created a rule in my GroupWise Client to “forward” all new email to my gmail account.  For now I’m forwarding everything. (Tools >> Rules>> New)

This presented a little problem because I wanted the email to look like it had been sent to my Gmail account from the original sender.  Not like it had been forwarded (FWD) to Gmail from my GroupWise account.  This required that I put on my administrators cap.  I used these instructions to make a change to GWIA (Your GroupWise Administrator will have to make this change).

But if you use ConsoleOne to configure your GWIA gateway, these switches correspond to the “Enable flat-forwarding” checkbox under Message Formatting, and the “Use GroupWise User Address as Mail From: for Rule Generated Messages” checkbox under Address Handling.

Here’s how ConsoleOne looks:

GWIA has to be restarted for the changes made in ConsoleOne to take effect.

Now every email that is sent to my GroupWise address is automatically forwarded to my Gmail address.  To be sure I can distinguish work email from my personal email, I have created a rule in Gmail that places a label on my work email as it is received.

Finally, if I replied to a work email from Gmail, I wanted it to appear that I was replying from the GroupWise address not the Gmail address.  This required that I add my Groupwise address to Gmail as an Account. Click “Add Another Email Address You Own”  under Settings>> Accounts>> Send Mail As:

Once the GroupWise Account has been verified, you can choose which email address to reply from when you reply to a message.

This has been a long tidbit but a fun one to discover.  Next I will investigate how to forward  existing GroupWise email to my Gmail account.



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